Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Radical Imaging’s Staff Augmentation Service

It’s hard to find software engineers with modern skills and a strong background in medical imaging; but you don’t have to because with Radical Imaging’s Staff Augmentation service, our expert medical imaging developers are here to help with your imaging projects! Our engineers are already experts in medical imaging, modern software development, and all of the tools we use. They can join your project, integrate seamlessly into your team, and ramp up quickly - you manage them just like your other team members.

Another benefit of our staff augmentation service is that once deployed into your team, our engineers can tap Radical’s entire team of experts, giving you access to an unprecedented range of knowledge, skills, and thought leadership, at no additional cost.

Our staff augmentation service is a reliable, cost-effective way for you to increase your team’s expertise, capacity, and productivity. Move your project forward now instead of spending your time and money on recruiting, training, and waiting. Get started by scheduling a discovery call with us to tell us about your medical imaging software development needs.


Radical Imaging’s Engineers Use and Have the Following Medical Imaging Technologies and Skills

  • Full-stack web development, including TypeScript and React
  • Cloud deployments on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud
  • JavaScript, Node.js, Electron, Python
  • Imaging Processing
  • Linux, Windows, and MacOS
  • Machine Learning
  • Webpack


"I engaged Radical Imaging to integrate and customize the OHIF viewer into the Flywheel research platform. My goal was to accelerate product development without derailing the core roadmap. Mission accomplished! I very much enjoyed working with Rob and the Radical Imaging team. They have deep understanding of the medical imaging space and repeatedly demonstrated professionalism, flexibility, and subject matter expertise."

Imad Nijim


How it Works

How Radical Imaging’s Staff Augmentation for Medical Imaging Software Development Works

We start by learning about your medical imaging software development needs during a discovery call. Based on your medical imaging software development staffing needs, we determine the Radical Imaging medical imaging software engineer(s) to deploy into your team and the rates for their time. After deployment of our expert medical imaging software engineer(s) into your team, they will log their work in Radical Imaging’s time tracking software and Radical Imaging will bill you directly for their work.

Reference Implementations

The Open Health Imaging Foundation (OHIF) was launched in 2015 through a development partnership between Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Department of Radiology and Radical Imaging to create an open source web-based medical imaging platform for the global community. The partnership combines the project management, user experience design, and product testing experience of the MGH group with the software development and system design expertise of Radical Imaging. Funding for OHIF has been primarily through research grants to MGH, direct funding from MGH Department of Radiology and its Precision Imaging Metrics clinical trials informatics project, Radical Imaging through in-kind support, and academic-industry technical collaborations among MGH, Radical, and companies using the OHIF Framework. Here are some example projects from the collaboration between Radical and MGH using OHIF.

OHIF Viewer

OHIF Viewer

The OHIF Viewer is a zero-footprint all-purpose radiology viewer based on Cornerstone that meets the minimum requirements for the IHE Basic Image Review profile. The code is organized into packages that can be re-used to build other purpose-specific viewers to accommodate a variety of custom workflows. OHIF has formed the basis for many viewer projects world-wide.

Crowds Cure Cancer

Crowds Cure Cancer is a web-based image viewer that allows researchers from around the globe to access the database and contribute using a fun, spirited application. The deployed viewer works across all platforms including desktops, laptop, tablets and mobile devices.

Crowds Cure Cancer

Get started with Radical Imaging’s staff augmentation service


"I would like to thank you and your team for the phenomenal work you have done for us. Everyone on my team appreciated your expertise, teamwork and commitment to quality. We had a great ride and the work was interesting, satisfying, and most important, it was done right!"

Dmitry Novikov

Software Development Lead, Surgical Intelligence


"We’ve made great progress on our cardiology viewer with Radical Imaging’s help. Their developers are focused, meticulous and really understand the technology we’re using. I appreciate the direct involvement of their tech leads on our projects; their expertise in medical imaging in general and the OHIF framework in particular gives me confidence that we can tackle any hard problems we might face."

Jeffrey Soble



How does Radical Imaging bill its clients for Staff Augmentation services?

We can bill for our staff augmentation services in one of the following ways:

  1. Hourly/month
  2. Fixed budget/month

What timezone are Radical Imaging’s developers in?

The timezone of the medical imaging software developers placed in your team depends on the resources available, since Radical Imaging is a global, remote team. Nonetheless, we will try to assign medical imaging software developers with the best overlap with your timezone. We have medical imaging developers in Brazil, the United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

Do you have a rate card for your staff augmentation services?

Yes, we will send you our rate card for our staff augmentation services after our discovery call.

Is my company’s IP protected when I engage Radical Imaging’s medical imaging software developers?

Yes, our MSA covers IP protection and our medical imaging developers will be binded to it.

Radical Imaging

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