Academic Services

Academic Services Radical Imaging Offers

  • Custom Workflow Development (e.g. imaging pipelines, data annotation, machine learning workflows, and more)
  • Custom Tool Development
  • Performance Optimization
  • Integration with Research Data Systems
  • Assistance Applying for Grants and Responding to RFPs
OHIF Customization

OHIF Customization and Integration for Academic Medical Imaging

Radical Imaging has expertise in customizing OHIF to fit your academic medical imaging needs. We are also able to integrate OHIF into your existing academic medical imaging products.


Radical Imaging’s Medical Imaging Developers Use and Have the Following Technologies and Skills

  • Full-stack web development, including TypeScript and React
  • Cloud deployments on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud
  • JavaScript, Node.js, Electron, Python
  • Imaging Processing
  • Linux, Windows, and MacOS
  • Machine Learning
  • Webpack

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Benefits of Working with Radical Imaging on Academic Projects

We are well-equipped to understand the needs of academic teams, their software projects, and how technical and institutional components must come together to enable discovery, innovation, and collaboration.


We speak the language

The research community has its own way of describing requirements, objectives, and outcomes. Our staff quickly get to the essence of your project, providing value immediately in project discovery, starting with feedback about what’s feasible.


We plan our projects

Although research work can often appear less structured than with commercial projects, planning is just as important. This is especially true given that research groups rarely enjoy unlimited access to resources. By planning the software development work ahead of time, we are able to give stakeholders the visibility they need to make informed choices about how their resources will be used.


We are collaborative

We have found that academic groups often cooperate with each other to share ideas and tools, and work together on projects. As leaders in open-source software development, we are comfortable combining efforts from various contributors, considering how their needs and constraints overlap, and charting a course that optimizes the benefit for all involved.

Reference Implementation

The Open Health Imaging Foundation (OHIF) was launched in 2015 through a development partnership between Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) Department of Radiology and Radical Imaging to create an open source web-based medical imaging platform for the global community. The partnership combines the project management, user experience design, and product testing experience of the MGH group with the software development and system design expertise of Radical Imaging. Funding for OHIF has been primarily through research grants to MGH, direct funding from MGH Department of Radiology and its Precision Imaging Metrics clinical trials informatics project, Radical Imaging through in-kind support, and academic-industry technical collaborations among MGH, Radical, and companies using the OHIF Framework. Here is an example project from the collaboration between Radical and MGH using OHIF.

Crowds Cure Cancer

Crowds Cure Cancer

Crowds Cure Cancer is a web-based image viewer that allows researchers from around the globe to access the database and contribute using a fun, spirited application. The deployed viewer works across all platforms including desktops, laptop, tablets and mobile devices.

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How does Radical Imaging bill its academic clients for services?

We have a rate card that we can send you after our discovery call. We can bill for our services in one of the following ways:

  1. Hourly/month
  2. Fixed budget/month

We bill clients for managed outcome services monthly, per milestone.

We bill clients for consulting services based on an agreed upon number of hours/project.

What timezone are Radical Imaging’s developers in?

The timezone of the medical imaging software developers assigned to your project depends on the resources available, since Radical Imaging is a global, remote team. Nonetheless, we will try to assign medical imaging software developers with the best overlap with your timezone. We have medical imaging developers in Brazil, the United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

Is my academic institution’s IP protected when I engage Radical Imaging’s medical imaging software developers?

Yes, our MSA covers IP protection and our medical imaging developers will be binded to it.

Will Radical Imaging’s consultants access our code?

Based on what we learn during the discovery call, we will determine if Radical Imaging’s consultants will need to access your code in order to provide consulting services. Learn more about Radical Imaging’s Consulting services here.

If I engage with Radical Imaging on an academic System Design and Planning project, am I required to use Radical Imaging for the construction of my project after the project plan is presented?

No, you are not required to use Radical Imaging for the construction of your project once the project plan is presented to you. Learn more about Radical Imaging’s System Design and Planning service here.

If I engage with Radical Imaging on an academic System Design and Planning project, can Radical Imaging also do the construction phase of my project?

Yes, Radical Imaging will provide you with an estimate of costs and timeline for construction during the project plan approval meeting. Learn more about Radical Imaging’s System Design and Planning service here.

Can Radical Imaging help our academic institution migrate from OHIF v2 to OHIF v3? How much does migration cost?

Yes, Radical Imaging offers migration from OHIF v2 to OHIF v3 as a service. We will determine your OHIF v2 to OHIF v3 software migration cost after we complete a differential analysis of your OHIF v2 solution back to our vanilla OHIF v2 build and develop a migration plan customized to your needs based on our findings. Learn more about our Software Migration service here.

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