Rob Lewis

Rob Lewis


Mr. Lewis has been innovating in medical imaging for over 30 years in academic, clinical, and commercial settings. After completing his BS in Computer Science from SUNY Buffalo in 1991, he developed software for various academic neuroimaging research projects at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and New England Medical Center. He then co-founded the 3D Imaging Service at Massachusetts General Hospital with a focus on translational research, bringing together promising new technology, open source tools, and commercial products into a clinical service that directly benefits healthcare providers.

Having helped grow the 3D imaging service from nothing to strongly cashflow positive in three years, Mr. Lewis then embarked on an 11 year journey into commercial software engineering, featuring high-impact roles in DICOM and PACS development.

In 2012, he founded Radical Imaging with the goal of delivering custom medical imaging workflow solutions using open-source tools.

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André Almeida

Director of Operations

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