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Started in 2010, Radical Imaging is a growing boutique software consulting agency that specializes in delivering custom web / cloud software solutions to our clients’ medical imaging problems. We can design, plan, and execute complex medical imaging software projects on time, on budget, and on quality, with low risk. We believe that open-source software is the best way to enable innovation and deliver cost-effective solutions which is why Radical Imaging has contributed over 5,000 hours of development time to open-source projects in medical imaging. 


Who We’re Looking For

Work with known imaging industry leaders…

Grow open-source projects in medical imaging...

Enable cutting-edge technology to advance care and outcomes...

Are we singing your song yet? We are seeking people who are just as passionate as we are about the enormous impact potential inherent in imaging technology. Let’s do this together!


What It’s Like Working at Radical Imaging

Our team of +20 is small but mighty, global, and fully remote. Our culture is relaxed and friendly. You are trusted to work independently, although you won’t feel alone with your work because your teammates are just a click away and happy to help.

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