Commercial Services

Commercial Services Radical Imaging Offers

  • System Design and Planning
  • Managed Outcome
  • Custom Workflow Development (e.g. imaging pipelines, data annotation, machine learning workflows, and more)
  • Custom Tool Development
  • Performance Optimization
  • Migrations
OHIF Customization

OHIF Customization and Integration for Commercial Medical Imaging

Radical Imaging has expertise in customizing OHIF to fit your commercial medical imaging needs. We are also able to integrate OHIF into your existing commercial medical imaging products.


Radical Imaging’s Developers Use and Have the Following Technologies and Skills

  • Full-stack web development, including TypeScript and React
  • Cloud deployments on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud
  • JavaScript, Node.js, Electron, Python
  • Imaging Processing
  • Linux, Windows, and MacOS
  • Machine Learning
  • Webpack

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Benefits of Working with Radical Imaging on Commercial Projects

Medical Imaging

We specialize in medical imaging

Because we have been designing and constructing systems for medical imaging applications for years, you aren’t paying us to learn on the job. By applying our expertise to your projects, you accelerate your timeline while also reducing risk. All of our staff have access to the entire Radical Imaging team, allowing you to further leverage our collective and diverse experience in this domain.


We take an engineering approach

When thinking about your project, we look beyond the immediate task at hand. By using a rigorous process for system design and planning, we are able to consider where your software needs to be flexible so your investment remains viable as your business evolves. During construction, we give thought to failure modes, testability and risk, leading not only to solid products that survive the daily chaos of production use, but also eases the process of obtaining regulatory approval.

Open Source

We are experts in medical imaging open source software development

As the open source universe has been expanding rapidly, so have the options for tools, libraries, and frameworks that can be applied to your projects without adding cost or dependencies on black-box commercial products. We are strong supporters of and believers in the open source community, so when you work with us, you automatically leverage our deep familiarity with this rich landscape and the various treasures that exist there.


"The engineers at Radical Imaging are easy to work with, they feel like part of our team. We’ve been able to accelerate development of some high-profile features of our product thanks to their high level of ownership and dedication."

Chris Hafey


A Few of the Commercial Companies We've Worked With


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How does Radical Imaging bill its commercial clients for services?

We have a rate card that we can send you after our discovery call. We can bill for our services in one of the following ways:

  1. Hourly/month
  2. Fixed budget/month

We bill clients for managed outcome services monthly, per milestone.

We bill clients for consulting services based on an agreed upon number of hours/project.

What timezone are Radical Imaging’s developers in?

The timezone of the medical imaging software developers assigned to your project depends on the resources available, since Radical Imaging is a global, remote team. Nonetheless, we will try to assign medical imaging software developers with the best overlap with your timezone. We have medical imaging developers in Brazil, the United States, Canada, France, the United Kingdom, and the Netherlands.

Is my company’s IP protected when I engage Radical Imaging’s medical imaging software developers?

Yes, our MSA covers IP protection and our medical imaging developers will be binded to it.

Will Radical Imaging’s consultants access our code?

Based on what we learn during the discovery call, we will determine if Radical Imaging’s consultants will need to access your code in order to provide consulting services. Learn more about Radical Imaging’s Consulting services here.

If I engage with Radical Imaging on a commercial System Design and Planning project, am I required to use Radical Imaging for the construction of my project after the project plan is presented?

No, you are not required to use Radical Imaging for the construction of your project once the project plan is presented to you. Learn more about Radical Imaging’s System Design and Planning service here.

If I engage with Radical Imaging on a commercial System Design and Planning project, can Radical Imaging also do the construction phase of my project?

Yes, Radical Imaging will provide you with an estimate of costs and timeline for construction during the project plan approval meeting. Learn more about Radical Imaging’s System Design and Planning service here.

Can Radical Imaging help our company migrate from OHIF v2 to OHIF v3? How much does migration cost?

Yes, Radical Imaging offers migration from OHIF v2 to OHIF v3 as a service. We will determine your OHIF v2 to OHIF v3 software migration cost after we complete a differential analysis of your OHIF v2 solution back to our vanilla OHIF v2 build and develop a migration plan customized to your needs based on our findings. Learn more about our Software Migration service here.

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