System Design and Planning

System Design and Planning

Radical Imaging’s System Design and Planning Service

Are you looking for a medical imaging expert to do the system design and planning for your medical imaging project? Radical Imaging has a team of world-class software engineers that are highly-trained in the medical imaging field and can laser focus on the subject. We can quickly and efficiently design the project and system architecture for your medical imaging solution. Radical Imaging is committed to honesty and transparency on all of its system design and planning projects. There is no need to commit to Radical Imaging to complete the construction of your medical imaging project once we deliver your project plan. Get started with Radical Imaging’s system design and planning service by scheduling a discovery call with us to tell us about your medical imaging project.


Radical Imaging’s Medical Imaging Engineers Use and Have the Following Technologies and Skills

  • Full-stack web development, including TypeScript and React
  • Cloud deployments on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Cloud
  • JavaScript, Node.js, Electron, Python
  • Imaging Processing
  • Linux, Windows, and MacOS
  • Machine Learning
  • Webpack

How Radical Imaging’s System Design and Planning Service for Medical Imaging Projects Works

Discovery Call

Project Initiation

We start by learning about your medical imaging project and discussing our approach to managing and running a project based on our previous experience during a discovery call. After this call, we will create a plan which suits the needs of the project. Radical Imaging will work with you to set all the processes required to proceed with the project. 


Requirements Gathering

Then we enter the requirements gathering phase where we will schedule several meetings and workshops with you to gather all of the necessary information to do the system design. 

System Design

System Design

Once the system design is formalized, Radical Imaging will identify the core use cases and create the first iteration of the architecture. From there, we will work with you to validate, improve, and change the architecture based on the core use cases and requirements.

Project Design

Project Design

Once the architecture is complete, Radical Imaging will create the project design and a vertical slice of the most important use case to validate the architecture. We then iterate through the project design options based on your needs.


Project Plan Approval

Radical Imaging will present your project plan to you and give you an estimate of costs and timeline for construction. You then decide whether or not you would like Radical Imaging to do the construction of your project.

Get started with Radical Imaging’s system design and planning service


When Radical Imaging presents the project plan, am I required to use Radical Imaging for the construction of my project?

No, you are not required to use Radical Imaging for the construction of your project once the project plan is presented to you.

Can Radical Imaging do the construction phase of my project?

Yes, Radical Imaging will provide you with an estimate of costs and timeline for construction during the project plan approval meeting. 

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