Radical Imaging Working with AWS to Launch Amazon HealthLake Imaging

Publish Date: 15 November 2022

Using Amazon HealthLake Imaging, Radical Imaging will provide custom cloud viewer solutions that scale

BOSTON, November 15, 2022 – Radical Imaging LLC, a pioneer in medical imaging informatics, interoperability, and integrations, announced today that it is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the launch of Amazon HealthLake Imaging, now available in preview.

HealthLake Imaging is a new HIPAA-eligible capability from AWS that allows healthcare organizations to store, share, and analyze medical images in the cloud at petabyte scale.

Radical Imaging plans to utilize HealthLake Imaging with its Open Health Imaging Foundation (OHIF)-based medical imaging viewer, FlexView, to display volume rendering, which creates a three-dimensional representation of data, and segmentation information. HealthLake Imaging utilizes state of the art image streaming for fast, sub-second, medical image retrieval in clinical workflows by maintaining low latency and high availability anywhere (web, desktop, phone). 

“We are excited about Amazon HealthLake Imaging because it enables fast, scalable, secure access to medical images stored in AWS, offering our customers a path to move medical imaging to the cloud with confidence,” said Rob Lewis, CEO of Radical Imaging. “It helps eliminate barriers to scaling due to performance concerns arising out of DICOM’s legacy protocols and the real-time interaction style of medical imaging applications.”

Radical Imaging was founded with the mission of creating open-source visualization tools and helping its clients build world-class products with them. It builds zero-footprint, custom medical imaging viewers and workflows in the cloud based on open-source platforms such as OHIF or Cornerstone.js for its commercial and academic healthcare clients.

About Radical Imaging LLC

Radical Imaging is a software company focused entirely on medical imaging. It offers software system design and planning, contract software development and consulting to help its partners solve their most challenging medical imaging problems using modern cloud and web platforms like Cornerstone.js and OHIF which it co-developed with Massachusetts General Hospital. In 2023, Radical Imaging will be releasing its first commercial product, FlexView, a commercial version of OHIF. For more information, visit RadicalImaging.com.

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